Douglasville homeowners fined $10K after mass shooting outside Sweet 16 party

It’s been a little more than two months since a shooter opened fire on a crowd leaving a Sweet 16, killing two teens and hurting four others.

The Sweet 16 was that of Chrystal Walker’s daughter. Walker said ever since the night of March 4, her daughter has moved to virtual learning and is in need of intensive therapy.

She said that their wound was reopened when her landlord opened a letter that said they now owe $10,000 to the Chaparral Ridge Homeowners’ Association because of the incident.

"I felt betrayed because these are people that we sat and cried with," Walker said.

The letter told Walker’s landlord that they were in violation of a community firearms rule because the shooter was a guest of hers.

She said the suspected shooter was never invited nor was he ever on her property, adding that she had strict rules for those who were.

"[Adults] were actually at the door patting people down," she said. "We also told them that there were no bags allowed."

She said minutes before the shooting started, right before they cut the cake, she pulled the plug on the party after she thought she smelled weed.

"At that point, we didn’t even get to sing happy birthday. Everybody, call your parents, the party’s over."

As kids left, the shooting began.

Deputies said dozens of kids filled the street as they arrived at the scene. (Supplied)

Walker said they took every measure they could think of to keep the kids safe.

Marvin Pastel, an attorney for the Chaparral Ridge Homeowners Association, stood by the board’s decision.

"The owner’s tenant hosted a party that got out of control. A board member witnessed more than 50 kids loitering outside the home," Pastel said in an email to FOX 5. "The shooter/murderer was an attendee of the party, whether invited or not. But for the party, the shooter/murderer would not have been in the community. Unfortunately, the host did not call the police when the party got out of hand."

Again, Walker maintained that the shooter was never at the party or on their property.

Samuel Moon, 15, and Aj’anaye Hill, 14, were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on attendees at a sweet 16 party in Douglasville on March 5, 2023.

Samuel Moon, 15, and Aj’anaye Hill, 14, were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on attendees at a sweet 16 party in Douglasville on March 5, 2023. (Supplies)

To the families of 15-year-old Samuel Moon and 14-year-old Ajanaye Hill, she offered her condolences.

"I feel so very bad for those parents that have lost their children and I understand all of the anger they would have," Walker said. "But I did everything that I could’ve done."

Pastel, the HOA’s attorney, said Walker did not show up to a hearing about the fine.

"The board believes that the fine amount for a violation of the governing documents should be reasonably related to severity of the violation. Here, the illegal discharge of a firearm killing 2 children and injury [sic] 6 other children warrants a fine of $10,000," Pastel wrote. "It's hard to think of a more serious violation."

Walker said they intend to fight the fine in court.