Dog missing, taken from scene of car crash

A man who suffered extensive injuries in a horrible car accident took an even greater hit just after the crash.

Aaron Gibriel and his wife Nour Nassar said someone stole their dog, Belly, from the scene.

"We know she climbed out of the car, but we thought animal control got her," Gibriel said.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

"We called Georgia State Patrol and they said there was never a dog at the scene," Nassar said.

Nassar quickly went to social media to share their story in hopes of finding their missing dog. Nassar said she could never have imagined what she would find out.

"A stranger texted me and said they had a friend who saw the accident and watched a man in a new red Ford pickup truck grab the dog, throw her in the truck bed, then take off," Nassar said.

The couple said what makes matters worse is whoever took the 5-year-old English Bulldog didn't have the decency to check on Gibriel who was unconscious and trapped inside.

"What that shows me is this person is heartless and they weren't looking after my dog," Gibriel said.

Gibriel and Nassar said they remain hopeful they will be reunited with Belly.

"We aren't giving up," Gibriel said. "We are just asking the person who has her to please bring her back."

"I really want my dog back," Nassar said. "I would do anything."