Did Atlanta score big with Super Bowl LIII?

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It was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history on the field, but the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee are hoping they scored big with their hosting of Super Bowl LIII. Despite the game and even halftime show on the field, many are complimenting the venue and people who hosted the game.

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Almost everything went off without much of a hitch during the 10-day event. The things that didn’t were barely noticed by the public, but they did notice a lot of the positives Atlanta had to offer. Two years of planning had led up to the big game Sunday.

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The biggest thing fans commented on was Mercedes-Benz Stadium itself. Opened in 2017, it quickly was acclaimed to be one of the most technologically-advanced and architecturally-unique arenas. Its crown jewel was the eight-panel pinwheel-styled retractable roof which could be opened to allow open-air games. Something fans got to see during the Super Bowl’s opening ceremonies.

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Also, a fan favorite is the LED halo board which stretches from one 10-yard line to the other and around the interior of the stadium.

"It's a beautiful stadium, it is, it really is. We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope to come back again," said Rams fan Paul Licata.

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The term “Southern hospitality” was used a lot by fans attending Sunday’s game. Fans noted that they rarely got lost during the week and if they were unsure of directions, one of the 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers was nearby and ready to quickly assist them.

"Since I have been here, I have never met more polite and helpful people than I have in this state and I have been to a lot of games in other states," said Licata.

Fans also raved about the reasonably-priced concessions. Items like a $2 hot dog, $3 nachos, and $5 draft beers were being sold as if it were a regular Falcons game. Many believe this affordable pricing will catch on at other major sports venues.

While the NFL is changing the way it selects host cities, Atlanta is hoping it made enough of a positive impression to host the big game again in the near future. The NFL has announced host cities through 2024, with next year’s game being played in Miami.

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