Detainees released from DFW more than 24 hours after landing

The 9 people detained at DFW International Airport in the wake of President Trump's travel ban have been released. The ban barred citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States.

Each of the families traveled to the Council on American-Islamic Relations and sat down with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. The two also personally apologized to the families for what happened.

Those who spoke with FOX 4 expressed their gratitude to the protesters who spent more than 24 hours demanding their release. Osama and Tarek Al Olabi said they waited more than 30 hours to reunite with their Syrian parents.

"We were emotionally and physically exhausted because of the rumors that they were going to send them back home. There were other rumors saying that they were going to be released," said Tarek Al Olabi.

“This much, like, I can’t even tell you how much I’m happy… super happy just to see my family. They’re safe. They’re healthy. Nothing happened to them,” said Osama Al Olabi.

“This is a day of victory for families. It’s a day when we reaffirm our American value of welcoming the stranger. It’s a value deeply held beyond our patriotic values,” Jenkins said.

Many of the refugees trapped at DFW were older, with medical issues.

Texas Congressman Raphael Anchia from Dallas is planning to file a resolution Monday condemning the travel ban. Click here to read that resolution.