Georgia deputy narrowly escapes injury in chain-reaction crash on I-85

A deputy and a stranded driver along Interstate 85 in Coweta County avoided the worst in a chain reaction crash caught by a body-worn camera.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office released the video of the crash ahead of the Fourth of July travel weekend. Deputies hope it reminds those taking road trips about the importance of Georgia’s Move Over Law.

Coweta County Deputy Chance Thompson was trying to help a stranded motorist on I-85. The box truck had broken down on the inside shoulder. Deputy Thompson can be seen talking to the driver when he heard a sound behind them on the busy highway.

The video shows Deputy Thompson turning back toward his patrol SUV behind him. Behind the box truck, Thompson’s vehicle appears to be rolling down the interstate toward him.

Then a semi-truck appears next, crashing into the median wall and skidding toward the deputy at the box truck. It stops inches from them.

Thompson is seen scrambling to safety. He scales the concrete median to safety. There is emotion in his voice as he calls dispatch for help.

Deputy Thompson appears to shake it off and get to work, first checking the shocked trucker whose big rig is now blocking the interstate.

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  (Coweta County Sheriff’s Office )

He is then seen running back to the vehicle that struck his patrol car to check on that driver.

That driver was seriously injured in the collision with the patrol and then the truck.

In photos of Deputy Thompson’s wrecked SUV, it appears as if the backend just blew up, having been struck at highway speeds.

Deputies said this is an important reminder to move over or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles.

To learn more about Georgia’s Move Over Law, visit the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.