Deputies: Thieves break into cars, steal guns in Forsyth neighborhoods

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It’s a mantra often repeated by law enforcement, lock your cars to protect your valuables.

But it looks like even law enforcement officers are human and fell victim to a couple of break-in burglars who were very busy in Forsyth County early Tuesday morning.

Ring doorbell video shows a man leaving apparently emptyhanded after flipping the door handle of an SUV to steal what’s inside. 

But investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office say he and another culprit did break into 26 vehicles within two hours early this morning in three subdivisions by flipping the door handles.

“People got to lock their cars – stop leaving stuff in the cars,”’ said Reggie Squirrell, who lives in one of the subdivisions.

The break-ins also involved two law enforcement vehicles. 

Investigators say a Taser, which has been recovered, was stolen from a marked police car from an agency, which wasn’t named.

Officials also told FOX 5 that two weapons were stolen from an unmarked Forsyth County Sheriff’s car.

“We have recovered an AR-15 which was a personal AR-15 of our detective. One other handgun in the locked trunk is still missing,” said Corporal Doug Rainwater with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. 

He said the stolen AR-15 was recovered in Clayton County, adding it could lead to other theft operations and suspects in Clayton County and Greene County.

Rainwater said the Office of Professional Standards is looking into the incident since it is the policy for Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office officers to lock and secure their vehicles.

“When our guns are stolen. It’s embarrassing and this is the reason why we have spent so many man hours today to make sure we get these guns back,” Rainwater said.

He said a Dodge Charger was stolen from a driveway and a garage burglarized.

Rainwater said cash and electronics were also stolen from vehicles in the three subdivisions, Wild Meadows, Whisper Point and, Orchard Lakes.

“I think they are coming up this way and doing it and going back home, but I still feel safe in Forsyth County,” said Michele Anderson, one of the victims.

The only real remedy investigators say is not making your neighborhood a target.

“It’s just going to keep getting worse until there is no reason to come up here. If everyone has their doors locked and their cars locked they’re going to move on,” Squirrell said.