Deputies: Douglas County couple arrested for drug shipments

A Douglas County couple was arrest after having a large shipping crate delivered to their house. It's what was inside that has them in trouble: nearly 80 pounds of pot.

Douglas County deputies raided the home on Pinehill Drive after a shipping company delivered that large crate to the couple's address.

The dash cam video shows deputies taking the couple into custody and also showing a great deal of patience and respect for the family dog who seemed caught up in the excitement of visitors.

Inside the crate, deputies said they found approximately 78 pounds of marijuana. Under arrest was 27-year-old Casey Martin Schoolcraft and 25-year-old Gabriela Mendez. Deputies said both were being charged with trafficking.

FOX 5 News was told Gabriela Mendez has since been released on bond. Casey Schoolcraft remained in jail as of Wednesday evening.