Demonstrators gather outside of Georgia's capitol in the wake of the presidential election

Supporters of the president gathered in the nation's capital Saturday for what promised to be a large march in support of the President and voter fraud. 

In Atlanta, dozens of people gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to join in on the support. 

There was plenty of honks and chants from sunrise to sunset as the air around Georgia's state capitol was filled with protest. Many supporters of President Trump came with flags in their hands as they claimed the presidential election was filled with fraud and illegal votes.

Supporters for President-Elect Joe Biden made their presence known as well.

At times there were tense exchanges between the two sides. 

“We have not found any widespread voter fraud,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said.

State and local election officials have stood their ground claiming there's no proof of any fraud or mishandling in the election. 


“I want 100% of the people to understand the process was fair and accurately counted,” Raffensperger said.

Capitol Police patrolled the protest Saturday to ensure safety on both sides.

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