Delta tests new de-icing program at Atlanta airport

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Delta gave FOX 5 a firsthand look at the airline's new de-icing program at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The airline says it's invested millions of dollars into new equipment, which is designed to clean the runway during winter weather.

Officials say they now have brand new de-ice trucks, de-icing pads, and de-icing buckets.

They allow for increased speed and efficiency in de-icing runways and planes, to get passengers off the ground and into the air quicker.

"When Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and freezing starts it definitely slows down our operation," Delta Operations General Manager Nicholas Roberts said. "What we're doing differently this year is looking at the way we run our de-icing operation in Atlanta, looking for efficiency, and spending quite a bit of money to ensure that we have the most efficient technology in place."

Since Atlanta doesn't see icy weather too often, the airport also now has two state-of-the-art simulators, so employees can train for winter weather and get hands-on practice in any season.