DeKalb County woman fights for life after stabbing

A DeKalb County woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after her child's father allegedly stabbed her multiple times.

Here family member’s told NewsRadio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings that this is the third time he attacked her and they want to know why he was allowed out of jail in the first place.

“My sister was scared for her life,” said Darcelle Jackson, the victim’s sister.

Jackson and her family are fighting to keep Mendez Hunter, the man accused of stabbing her behind bars.

“We want to see him locked up,” said Jackson.

But the family knows Hunter could get out any day if he makes his $35,000 bond.

“We don’t want a bond ‘cause he was in there before and they let him out and didn't contact us to let us know that he was out and look what he came back and did,” said Jackson.

Jackson's aunt, Sherry Cannady, said her niece has lived in fear for the past nine months.  

According to the family, Hunter beat up Jackson in February. Jail records show he was charged with battery February 22 and bonded out several weeks later.

Jackson said her sister was done with him.

“He stalked her, put trackers,” said Jackson.

Then in April, she said Hunter found her sister outside a restaurant and beat her up again. That was April 20, just five days before the stabbing.

“It happened so quickly, it happened so fast,” said Cannady.

Cannady said that day the family had just started to relax a little, thinking Hunter was in jail. She said then Jackson's children ran in the house to try to warn their mother her was there

“He knocked them out of the way and ran up there and pulled out his knife and went to stabbing her. Had it not been for her brother, we believe she would be dead now,” said Cannady.

Cannady said the children watched in horror.

“She didn't go back to him and pretend everything was alright, she didn't do that with him. He would not go away. He refused,” said Cannady.

"If he gets out, he's going to do another woman, if not my sister. He's going to find another woman and she's going to be another victim of his,” said Jackson.

FOX 5 News reached out to the courts, to find out why Hunter currently has a bond, but did not get a response Thursday evening.