DeKalb County using rangers to patrol parks

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Rangers are now patrolling Dekalb County Parks.  The added security comes at a time when many people are worried about their safety.   In December Dekalb County Police say three women were murdered in three weeks, two of their bodies were found on trails near Dekalb County Parks. 

The rangers patrol the parks in cars, on foot, bicycles, and ATVs.  They all have a background in law enforcement or with the parks department. 

"I think it's reassuring, I think it's good for Dekalb County," said Margaret Walker who says she visits the park every day. 

"99 percent of the people who come to the park come to enjoy it, there aren't that many mischief makers, but it only takes one," said Walker. 

"Just their presence overall is a deterrent, they're also trained on how to approach citizens that look suspicious," said Paige Singer with the Parks Department.

Singer says the rangers are working from dawn to dusk, seven days a week.

"They're making routine stops daily to those high priority parks, they're visiting 10 to 12 parks daily, and we're trying to hit all 113 parks during the week," says Singer.

The rangers don't carry guns and they can't make arrests, but they do work closely with the police. 

Diane Brodalski says she won't let fear stop her from getting in her run. She says it's nice to know rangers are nearby.

"For me to fit in my running schedule with my work schedule sometimes it's later in the afternoon or at dusk so it's reassuring that there's some sort of protection and an extra eye out there," said Diane Brodalski.