DeKalb County sheriff promises review of agency's use of force policy

DeKalb County's sheriff has decided to give residents input in how the department will address its use of force policy review. 

In response to the recent protests in the metro Atlanta area, Sheriff Melody Maddox said it's time for the department to involve the community in their efforts to improve the way they interact with the community.

"When I joined the agency last year as Chief of Administration, I began a review of the agency,” said Maddox. “In light of recent incidents, I believe it is time for us to involve the community in understanding and helping us improve the ways we interact with citizens in all situations. This could be an opportunity for us to learn from each other.”

DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox announced she is having a panel review the agency's use of force policy on June 5, 2020. (FOX 5)

The sheriff said she is expanding the review process to include a small diverse committee of county residents.

“Together with agency leaders, we will closely examine our policies and community relations programs. Our initial focus will be on our use of force policy. I believe this effort will help begin to build a true partnership between the sheriff’s office and the community for the safety of all DeKalb citizens,” the sheriff said.

Maddox said the excessive use of force by a police officer smears the reputation of the hundreds of honorable and dedicated members of law enforcement.

“The input we hope to get will lay a foundation for how we can move ahead to engage the community leaders,” she said.

Maddox believes the move will help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public.

The sheriff also gave her condolences to the family of George Floyd.