DeKalb County Jail gets new mental, medical health services provider

Beginning this month, the DeKalb County Jail will be using a different medical, mental and behavioral health services provider to cover its more than 1600 inmates.

Sheriff Melody M. Maddox made the announcement that Armor Health of Miami, Florida would be taking over.

"Armor addresses a priority area of inmate care in today’s jail environment: a collaborative, holistic approach to medical and behavioral/mental health needs," says Sheriff Maddox. "Arrestees have a right to privacy concerning their existing or previous physical and mental health backgrounds and conditions unless they pose a threat to public health. Even with those restrictions, this agency has a responsibility to provide the best possible care while they are here, and to treat them with dignity and respect in the process."

Armor Health has provided healthcare services to correctional facilities across the country for over 17 years.