DeKalb County fatal condo complex stabbing

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DeKalb County Police are investigating a fatal stabbing at an unincorporated Clarkston condo complex.

At around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, EMTs responded to a call at the Brannon Hill complex, located near Memorial Drive. The EMTs arrived before police and found a woman inside a vacant building who had been stabbed in the upper torso. The woman was in her early to mid-thirties, according to investigators. 

Detectives said two suspicious men were also in the area. So, the first responders loaded the victim into their ambulance and took her to a nearby strip mall where they tried to treat her, but sadly she didn't survive. 

Police said it's very rare for EMTs to do something like this, but said the complex has been the scene of multiple violent crimes in the past. Detectives also said paramedics can't provide medical aid in dangerous situations. 

Officers ended up taking one man in for questioning. Investigators said it's too early to know if he's a witness or possibly a suspect. Police also could be looking for a second person. 

Police haven't yet released the identity of the stabbing victim. Police are hoping to find out if she lived in the complex or might have been squatting in the vacant building.