Decatur discusses what to do with electric scooters

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Love them or hate them, electric scooters are popping up across metro Atlanta.  Decatur city leaders are trying to deal with the proliferation of e-scooters and the problems they might bring.

Ryan Littmann is a big fan of e-scooters.  

"You're having a good time, you're going fast, you're relaxed, you're on a scooter, it's awesome!" said Littmann.

Many see them as an alternative form of cheap and easy transportation.  
Others see them as a problem.

"I think they're a nuisance, I see them littering the sidewalk in a way that people who have mobility issues and use a wheelchair or have a harder time getting around aren't able to do so safely," said Meridith Mason-Ward who lives in Decatur.

Decatur city leaders have heard the complaints and concerns and are trying to come up with an agreement with e-scooter companies like Byrd and Lime.  Monday night they decided to spend the the first quarter of 2019 finalizing a list of rules and regulations for the companies to follow in order to operate in the city.  Some of the points discussed include safety issues, parking problems, operating hours only from sunrise to sunset and limiting the number of scooters to 50.

Matthew Perry who is with Lime as at Monday night's meeting and said they're willing to talk.

"The economics have to work for everyone involved. I think Decatur would be a great market and if we continue to work together I have no doubt we'll figure something out that will work for everybody," said Perry.

City leaders say they have a lot to learn and will tweak some of the rules they've already discussed before coming up with a formal ordinance.