Crooks targeting expensive wheels in Sandy Springs

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Thieves who like fancy rims and wheels targeted a Sandy Springs apartment complex. Crooks stole wheels right off cars in the parking lot, just feet from apartment doors.

Residents at Avia at Northside said they woke up to find car after car on blocks with all four wheels gone.

"They're targeting premium wheels and custom made wheels," said one resident.

The apartment manager told FOX 5 News the thefts happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday. The manager said at least four cars were hit. Residents said there could have been as many as seven cars that had their tires swiped.

Several hours later, residents said they spotted a suspicious looking car by a side gate. When they looked inside, they said they saw several tires in the backseat. Residents said they called the police who hauled off the vehicle.

While the owners of the cars that were hit by thieves said it is infuriating and expensive, others said they are getting nervous. They said the complex is typically quiet, but this type of crime could drive them out of the neighborhood.

"This kind of thing makes us consider other places, safe places," said one man.