COVID-19 patient credits GoMed nurse practitioner with saving his life

A former COVID-19  patient recently reunited with the nurse practitioner whom he credits with saving his life.

Kim Glass with GoMed is an in-home healthcare provider, an idea that has become a popular option for many families who would rather be treated at home than in a doctor’s office.

She carries the company’s traditional black doctor’s bag for making house calls.

Chris Sickel and Kim Glass meet for the first time since his recovery from Covid-19 (.)

Last time she saw Chris Sickel, she said he was so sick with COVID-19 she wasn’t sure he would survive the ambulance ride to the hospital. Glass called 911 and Piedmont Newnan Hospital to prepare them for Sickel's arrival at the emergency room.

"And I had to just pull over and pray because I was so scared.  I was worried for him because I knew there was nothing more I could do. He was the sickest you could really be with Covid," Glass said.

Kim Glass, GoMed Nurse Practitioner

Sickel is from Coweta County and a pilot with Southwest Airlines. He spent weeks on a ventilator and weeks in rehab.  At home now, he is continuing to recover.  He credits GoMed and Kim with saving his life when he says he was too sick to even make it to the doctor’s office.

Chris and Denise Sickel

"It worked out great because the last thing I wanted to do was to get in the car and go back to an urgent care and or a doctor’s office where I just been a couple days before," Sickel said.

"We make house calls and one of our taglines is bringing back the house call," said GoMed co-owner Chris Pitts who is also a physician’s assistant.

Pitts said with COVID-19 calls are up 30% and 55% of their patients are virus related.

"You can’t get any more from line than this," he said. "We are trying to keep people out of the waiting room where they could be exposed to more."

Chris Pitts, GoMed Co-owner

GoMed currently operates in Fayette, Coweta, and Cobb counties, as well as Charleston, South Carolina.

They also provide in-home COVID-19 testing.

"We have rapid antigen tests. That’s a nasal swab that we will get the results in 15 minutes. We also have send-off PCR tests. And we are also one of the only ones in the area that has a rapid PCR that’s ready in 30 minutes," Pitts said.

GoMed doctor’s bag

GoMed has been around for six years. With people working and going to school at home, in-home care has worked really well, especially for children. He said they will also see adults at their work offices, if necessary. They can be found online.

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