Complaints from pedestrians prompt action from Conyers police

Several reports of near misses and closes calls between cars and pedestrians over the last few months prompted Conyers Police to take action along Parker Road Tuesday morning.

"We haven't hadn't anyone actually hurt yet, but we've had a lot of close calls. It's just a matter of time before it happens. We don't want to wait until it's too late to focus on it," said Lt. Carson.

They had the crosswalk repainted, added lights and a few more officers in plain view. Now, Lt. Greg Carson is just asking drivers to slow down and stop for the men and women who cross from popular Rockdale Conyers trail.

"It's a 45 mile an hour road and it's common to get people doing 80 or 90 miles an hour on this road with people trying to cross this road," said Lt. Carson. He said drivers have turned Parker Road into a speedway since the COVID-19 pandemic slowed police enforcement and said it's time for the speeding and red-light running to end.

"Everybody wasn't doing a lot of traffic enforcement because you didn't know what the COVID-19 response would be with people, now that we've kind of figured it out, we're back to enforcement and I don't think a lot of people have learned that you can't just drive any speed you want to. We're out here to let people know Conyers police ain't gonna put up with that. It's safety for everybody first," said Lt. Carson.