Cartersville community remembers 10-year-old who died in house fire

A community rallied around a heartbroken family hours after laying their son to rest.

The 10-year-old died when his family’s home caught fire last week.

Community members gathered on February 18 at Weinman Stadium at Cartersville High where to pay their respects.

Everyone who came out to honor Walker Phillips described him as an amazing athlete – who excelled in all sports he played and an overall good kid.

"I think he would have impacted the world," Coach Pete, who coached Walker on his youth football team, explained. 

The stadium at Cartersville High School was lit up Friday night, all for the 10-year-old.

The football field was one of his favorite places to be.

"Incredible athlete. Watching him last year as a 9-year-old on a 10-year-old team, how well he did and he's pretty small," Coach Pete said. 

The jumbotron displayed a tribute video where Walker could be seen in his youth football team uniform.

On the field below, the community came to honor and remember the little boy who touched so many in 10 short years.

"It takes a village to raise our little ones and it takes a village to heal at times," Conor Foster, CHS's Head Football Coach, told FOX 5.

You could say Walker planned on following in his parent's footsteps.

You see, his dad is former UGA football quarterback Cory Phillips and his mother Courtney, a former UGA gymnast.

"Competitive drive for a kid that age - you don't see that in a lot of kids. Wanted to win but did it the right way," Coach Pete mentioned. 

The three other family members who were inside at the time of the fire were able to get out alive.

Now the Cartersville community has rallied around the Phillips family.

"Nobody's great right now but healing is a process and they've started that process and we'll be right there beside them," Foster said.

Coach Pete went on to say that "they're doing as well as a family that lost a child. They're great people. They're gonna get through this. They're gonna have the help of the community." 

Right now, everyone is still processing their grief but are determined to keep Walker's memory alive.

The coaches who were here Friday night said more tributes will likely come in the near future to remember Walker Phillips.