Cobb man comes face to face with robbers in his home

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A Cobb County man says he's lucky to be alive after walking in on two gunmen in his home.

Officials say man arrived to his home and found the two strangers inside.

Peter Lee, 64, told FOX 5 that he found his side door bashed in and two men inside his home.

He says when he entered they put masks and gloves on. Then one pulled a gun.

"Pulled a gun on me. 'Give me money. Give me money.' I don't say nothing. I don't have no money," Lee said.

Lee said since he had no cash on him, the men stole an iPod, his car and house keys, his wallet, and a chain with a pendant from around his neck.

They then fled in a getaway car driven by a third man.

Investigators say the car was stopped by Cobb Police at the Caswyk Trail Apartments, located on the 2600 block of Favor Road in Marietta after Lee called 911.

Police say the driver and another man were arrested, but a SWAT team was called in to search an apartment where a third man was suspected of being held up in.

"Nobody was located at the residence, but SWAT is finishing up conducting their search warrant," Officer Sara O'Hara from the Cobb County Police Department said.

O'Hara said police are searching for the third man who is believed to be armed.

Lee, who is shaken but not injured, said he felt fortunate to be alive.