Club DJ convicted in wife's murder

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Nearly four years after his wife's death, a man has been convicted in her murder.

A Fulton County jury found 38-year-old Andre Pugh guilty of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. 

According to prosecutors, Pugh hired his best friend, 37-year-old Adriane Harley, to kill his wife, Tiffany Jackson Pugh.

Investigators said text messages and emails between Pugh and his wife revealed the couple was set to divorce after Pugh repeatedly cheated on her. Rather than lose his house, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said the stop club DJ ordered his wife's murder.

"The way we look at it in the Fulton County DA's office is the person that orders the death, we believe that that person is even more responsible than the person that simply pulls the trigger," said Howard. 

Incredibly, prosecutors said Pugh used Harley as a pallbearer at his wife's funeral. 

Pugh was sentenced to life in prison, plus five years. 

Late Friday, the District Attorney filed a motion to revoke Harley's bond, worried that he may try to run or intimidate witnesses now that he has had the opportunity to see the evidence in the case against him and his friend. 

"I'm very concerned.  That's why we're asking the judge to revoke his bond," Howard explained.  "If you were the defendant, would you hang around?"