Clayton County School Zoom call hacked with child pornography

A horrifying experience for a Clayton County mom on a group Zoom call for her son's school. With dozens of students and parents on the video call, pornographic images involving a young child appeared on the screen.

"I had to cover my eyes, and I just had to sit there for a minute, I was shaking," said Amanda Henderson.

Henderson, a mother of two, said she was trying to learn how to better manage her son's online learning when the inappropriate video appeared.

"I had it on at work," said Henderson. "It was on the background of my computer," she said.

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During the Friday morning call with more than 100 participants, the screen went black.

"Then the large screen pulled up a baby, and I mean she couldn't have even been one, and a man, and she was completely nude, and he was rubbing himself on her," said Henderson.

Henderson said her heart dropped seeing a child being taken advantage of by an unidentified man.

"It was very close to home for me, and I mean, I don't know how, not that I want to know, but I don't know how the video ended. I don't know if that baby was in pain," said Henderson.

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On top of her anguish for the child was her realization that other children saw the whole thing.

'One of the boys on the call was probably eight or ten, and after that ended, I kept thinking of more things that are disturbing to me," said Henderson. "That 8-year-old now has to process what he saw there," she said.

Clayton County Public Schools released a statement apologizing for the incident, saying the following:

This mother said she hopes the county's "other avenues" will be safer for kids and parents alike.

"Obviously it's not the county's fault if it was a 'Zoom bomb' as they're calling it," said Henderson. "I would just like there to be knowledge that this can happen, and if we can protect our zoom calls so this doesn't happen in the future, especially when there's kids on the call," Henderson said.

Clayton County Public Schools turned over the incident to authorities for investigation.