Clayton County police search for driver who tried to run over officer

A Clayton County police officer is grateful to be alive after a driver tried to run him over. 

Police said it happened during what they call a huge street racing event that shut down an intersection in Ellenwood. 

"I’m grateful to still be here," Officer Robert Golden said.

It was a street racing call that could have turned deadly for Clayton County Officer Robert Golden when he responded to the intersection of Anvilblock Road and Highway 42 in Ellenwood and found more than 50 cars.

"You can just tell it was more than people. You could see people were doing doughnuts and you could smell the smoke in the air. You could tell it was a large gathering," Golden said. 

Golden said when he arrived he called for backup as the racers shut down the intersection and caused traffic to back up.

"I noticed there were a group of cars on the left side across from me with lights off. I thought they were empty so I pulled in front of them. At that point, they noticed I was an officer and there were people inside. They started to drive off. I noticed one of the vehicles was stuck so I got out and approached the vehicle," Golden said. 

It went from dangerous to almost deadly.

"I gave the person a command to stop and put my hands up and once his car got free he drove the car straight at me and tried to run me over. Luckily at the last moment, I was able to jump out the way," Golden said.

The mirror of the car however hit officer Golden so hard it was knocked off. Thankfully, the officer just escaped with just a bruise and soreness and he went back to work the next day. 

"There are no free passes in Clayton County. If you do street racing, laying drag or stunt racing under Georgia law you will be prosecuted," Captain Gary Flinn said. 

Acting Division Commander Gary Flinn said street racing is a problem plaguing all metro Atlanta. 

"What has been happening is all of the agencies in metro Atlanta have been coordinating and sharing information and if it’s know an event is happening then it’s passed within the agencies," Flinn said. 

Authorities in Clayton County said they are working to make it easier to find those responsible. 

"We are working with the courts. There are things being put into play. I can’t discuss now but investigative tools to help identify the vehicles and drivers even if they get away we can identify the drivers and there will be charges pending," Flinn said.

Police believe the car is a white Camaro with black stripes.

The driver could face several charges including aggravated assault, hit and run, reckless driver, and then charges for street racing.

Anyone with information is asked to come forward to Clayton County police.

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