Clark Atlanta University starts virtual campus tour for incoming students

Deniye Mitchell said she was left heartbroken after plans to tour her dream school, like most high school seniors, were canceled.

"Wow, coronavirus has messed up a lot of things, and here is another one,” Mitchell told FOX 5.

For years, Clark Atlanta University has been her number one choice.

“I'm most excited about a new environment. Like you said, I'm from, all the way from Wisconsin," Mitchell explained.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced universities nationwide to cancel student tours.

That decision left many admitted seniors, including Mitchell, with questions about their new home.

“I'm majoring in social work, so I know there is like a clip that goes into all details about what this offers,  what it's about and it answers a lot of questions.

Because of that concern,  many campuses are taking to social media.

Beginning Thursday afternoon, CAU is offering student's a tour from their own homes.

“We want them to experience student life, engage with faculty, talk about our academic offerings,” Lorri Saddler, the Associate Vice President - Dean of Undergraduate Admission, explained.

The university condensed their Admitted Students Day into a 33-minute video.

"They still need to have a sense of culture here,” Saddler mentioned.

FOX 5 News previously reported about a local college counselor who created 360 camera videos of the top 100 colleges in the country.

CAU staff said these tours are likely here to stay.

“For families, timing just may be a challenge just getting to campus,” Saddler mentioned.

As for Mitchell, she said some of her peers are still worried about what’s ahead.

“I feel like everybody is more concerned of will we be able to attend in the Fall, and does it ruin our experience,” Mitchell detailed.

The University is also planning to do Facebook and Instagram Q&A’s with students in the coming weeks.