Civil rights icon Andrew Young says focus should be on Biden, not punishing Trump

Civil rights icon Andrew Young blames President Donald Trump for the violent riot at the US Capitol, but he said he would not waste valuable time trying to impeach him.

The former UN Ambassador and Atlanta mayor remarked that all the civil rights demonstrations in the 50s and 60s and even the Million Man March and others never involved violence or even a gun. Young was appalled at what he saw Wednesday.

"That was an attempt to overthrow an election. We had 250,000 at the March on Washington and a half million at the Million Man March, but not a single gun," the 88-year-old reflected.

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Young said we all have to be held accountable for what happened Wednesday, but he did single out the president.

"I think he is directly responsible for telling the people to March down to the capitol. In his speech, he invited them to come, so it was an act of sedition. Anybody else would be punished," Young exclaimed.

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But Young said, as a nation, it should not waste time trying to punish the president with the 25th Amendment, impeachment, or censure.

"I think to fight for the next 12 days about vengeance, or judgments, punishments, is not going to be productive. My focus is getting through these next 12 days, so Joe Biden can take over," a hopeful Young remarked.

Young said he and now-President-elect Joe Biden went to Washington at the same time in 1972 and became friends.

"Joe's life has been a living hell and because of all of his suffering, he has become sensitive to other's needs. He is the exact person we need to bring this nation together and lead us out of this dark period," Young concluded.

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