Citywide private police patrols initiative

Police coverage in Atlanta is not equal say community leaders. That assessment is not a criticism of the police department. Instead, it reflects the reality of how some affluent neighbors are able to afford the extra coverage by hiring off-duty officers.

There are even some wealthy communities that pool their funds and purchase brand new law enforcement vehicles for the officers to patrol. They have all the markings of the Atlanta Police Department vehicles so that criminals will not be able to tell the difference.

Now, a group of families is getting behind an idea to make the “rent-a-cop” strategy available to less prosperous neighbors.

The effort is called Safe Atlanta.

Businesses, foundations, and non-profits are being asked to fund the initiative. The backers say they already have some pledges and more information will be available soon to tell residents how they can sign up.

If selected, a community can get free patrols or discounted security, depending on the economic makeup of the neighborhood.