Atlanta city leaders seek input from community regarding security camera placement

Atlanta City Councilwoman Marci Collier Overstreet hosted a meeting to seek input from community members and Atlanta Police about the installation of new security cameras. 

City Council approved the use of $175,000 to purchase security cameras. The money was pooled from districts 1, 4, 12, and 11, which is Overstreet's district. 

"Sometimes, when someone knows they're being watched, it's a good reason to not commit the wrong act there," Overstreet said. 

According to APD, it has access to 12,000 cameras across the City. Not all of them are city-owned, but officers are able to use the footage if needed. 

Overstreet said, however, the cameras are not evenly distributed. 

"In and around Lenox square there are over 200 cameras. All of Campbellton Road has about 13 cameras, So there's a problem with surveillance," she said. 

Major Carven Tyus, with APD, showed a "heat" map during the meeting, to show problem areas within district 11. 

"Where officers are always being deployed, and where things have happened like rapes, robberies and car thefts and drag racing," Overstreet said. 

Councilwoman Overstreet says the current crime trends are alarming, and the City needs to make changes to ensure this year is less violent. 

"I've never heard of this much gun-toting, gun shooting in all of the time I've lived here which is very concerning. I think it's just a big jump in the wrong direction," she said. 

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