Citizens demand immediate action over Hoschton controversy

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More demands for justice Thursday night in Hoschton where many residents are calling for the resignation of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

They are on the hot seat for alleged racially inflammatory remarks which has led to dozens of ethics complaints. However, a lot of people like Pete Fuller are saying it’s taking too long to reach a resolution.

“It looks like the delays at this point just to try to keep from pushing on and find a way to not deal with it,” said Fuller.

It’s a question many are asking in Hoschton, why so long to reach a resolution about ethics complaints against Mayor Theresa Kennerly and Mayor Pro Tem council member Jim Cleveland.

“There is over 40 ethics complaints filed. We need to hire an arbitration judge or a judge experienced in mediation,” said former Hoschton council member Scott Butler.

He, like others, called for immediate action after the mayor reportedly said the city wasn't ready for a black administrator after reports she withdrew the application of a black candidate, three months ago. Council member Cleveland added to the controversy with a comment he's Christian and doesn't believe in interracial marriage. The slew of complaints led to a new ordinance to establish an ethics board. It was revised to include an attorney to review the complaints.

Thursday night another revision was introduced as some on the council are asking for a judge to do the reviews.

“Isn’t this enough time to review what “It’s their determination. I always like to have adequate time to review something to see what’s best for the community,” said Dale Hall, the City Administrator.

Hall recommended and most of the council agreed to table action on the ethics ordinance until the next full council meeting Monday, everybody except council member Susan Powers who was attending by phone.

“I really think we need to work this through because the citizens have been very patient,” said Powers.

Under attorney advisement, there was no comment from Kennerly or Cleveland.

While no one came to the podium to directly defend Cleveland and Kennerly a woman who gave her name as Andrea, put it this way.

“I’m troubled how easy it is to make an allegation and immediately we believe it to be true,” she said.

Pete Fuller told FOX 5 News all the necessary paperwork has been filed with the Jackson County Elections Office to begin the process of a recall election against Kennerly and Cleveland.