Chris Daughtry describes his “Masked Singer” experience in two words

Ask Grammy-nominee Chris Daughtry to describe his experience on the FOX hit “The Masked Singer,” and he can do it in two words.

“Very hot,” he laughs.

Performing on the show’s second season as The Rottweiler, Daughtry consistently scored praise from panelists and fans thanks to his pitch-perfect performances.  But the singer says behind-the-scenes, everyone on the show takes the “masked” part of the title very seriously.

“We never saw the other contestants.  A lot of the producers didn’t even know who we were.  So, we had to show up fully covered, with face shields, gloves,” the singer, songwriter, and Daughtry frontman says.  “You put on this mask and all the sudden you feel like you’re singing in a paper bag.  You’re sweating bullets, and you’re trying to do choreography, and you can’t really…understand how much of a lack of visibility you have until you’re in this thing.  You don’t know what side of the stage you’re on!  It was terrifying.” 

Terrifying, perhaps, but Daughtry says his time on the show — which resulted in a finish as runner-up — was also liberating.  

“You’re not sitting there thinking about what they may think about what you’re performing based on who they think they are.  You’re just free to do whatever,” the singer says.  “I had a blast.  I recommend it to any artist out there that’s even thinking of doing it, it’s absolutely worth it.”

Season four of “The Masked Singer” premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta.