Cherokee County Schools cracking down on vaping with stiff punishments

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Get caught vaping on school grounds and you could be expelled. Cherokee County School officials said vaping is out of control and they plant to shut it down. 

Keisha Shepherd is the mom of a high school student. She said vaping in school is out of control. 

"It's serious, kids are going to the hospital, they're falling out at school. These kids are out here vaping and a lot of things are happening and they don't even understand the effects vaping has on them," said Shepherd.

Students told FOX 5 News, they've seen kids vaping in the bathrooms, parking lots, even in class.

Cherokee County School Officials said that won't be happening anymore. As of the new school year, if a student is caught vaping, or even have oils, on school property they'll face serious consequences. The punishment can range from out of school suspension to alternative school to expulsion. 

Under the new policy, it will be up to students to prove their devices and oils do not contain marijuana-derived THC oil to avoid the more serious punishments, but even then, they'll still be disciplined for having vaping products. 

Vicky Bryan is a mom of a middle school student. She applauds the new policy. 

"You don't know what could be in the oils.  It could be a lot of different things so for the safety of the students and faculty it needs to be banned," said Bryan.

The school board unanimously approved the new policy and emails were sent out to parents explaining it. The superintendent said there will be an extensive public awareness campaign about the dangers of vaping when the 2019-2020 school year begins.