Charity needs volunteers to harvest blueberries for families in need

A charity in Fayette County needs volunteers to help pick blueberries that will feed families in need. The Real Life Center has an orchard and their program called U Pick 4 Others provides fresh produce to struggling families. 

The U Pick 4 Others program has been around for a while and typically if you volunteer, you got to keep about a fourth of what you picked. But because so many families are in need, The Real Life Center is asking for volunteers to instead simply give everything they pick in the orchard to feed those families in need.

SkyFox drone view of the orchard

SKYFOX Drone flew over he Real Life Center Orchard in Fayette County. It’s on the campus of Dogwood Church.  There are peach and apple trees. There is a garden that will supply fresh vegetables to families in need. And that needs has increased considerably higher right now because of the financial hardships caused by COVID-19

"We have seen an increase of 66% in our food distribution," said Cathy Berggren, Executive Director the Real Life Center.

The U Pick 4 Others program starts June 13 in the Blueberry Patch. The Real Life Center needs volunteers to harvest the berries.

A volunteer picks blueberries.

The Real Life Centers also operates a food pantry that serves Fayette and the surrounding counties.  

They also provide clothing as well as services such as counseling to help people not just get back on their feet but to also improve their lives once they do. 

They say the orchard is a great way for families, youth groups or companies and organizations to serve others. 

You volunteer by signing up on their website at