Chamblee police search for two men connected to deadly QT shooting

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Jilani Ade Bakhari (left) and Leroy Starr Copney (right) are wanted in connection to a fatal shooting at a gas station in Chamblee. (Courtesy: Chamblee Police)

Chamblee Police have now identified two suspects in the murder of Andrew Spencer.

The aspiring musician was gunned down outside a Chamblee QT in the early morning hours of Thursday December 30.

FOX 5 News was there when a tow truck brought a silver sleek Masareti Quattroporte to the back of the department building Tuesday afternoon.

“We recovered the vehicle in an apartment complex in Sandy Springs, we’ve also identified two of the persons involved in the shooting deaths of Andrew Spencer,” said Captain Ernesto Ford with the Chamblee Police Department.

Captain Ford did not say where the complex where the Maserati was recovered is located. He did say the luxury car is registered to 29 year old Jilani Ade Bakhari, who according to the arrest warrant used a key fob to unlock his Maserati outside the QT.

The arrest warrants further states 45 year old Leroy Starr Copney retrieved a handgun from the Maserati and waited for two victims to leave the QT, ultimately shooting and killing Spencer.

“I’ve never heard their names up until this moment,” said Quintin, who did not say want his last name used.

He spoke to FOX 5 News over the phone to further the capture of the two suspects.

The arrest warrant states both Copney and Bakhari are members of the Blood Gang with ties to their home state New York.

Understandably “Quintin,” who avoided the gunfire which killed his friend Andrew Spencer, is concerned.

“No one is sitting here like we not afraid because that would be a lie,” said Quintin.

“Armed and dangerous, they both have extensive criminal histories,” said Captain Ford about suspects Copney and Bakhari.

According to Quintin and the arrest warrant, violence erupted after Copney and Spencer reached for a hot dog bun inside the QT at the same time and Copney became offended.

“I ask God to try to find a way but I’m not sure how I can come to cope with losing a friend so close to me over something so small,” said Quintin.

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