Caught on camera: Men seen hitting horses, each other in drive-thru

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It is not something seen every day in metro Atlanta. Riders on horses in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru. But what started out as a video of the slightly silly tableau, turned into a serious situation after the riders appeared to be hitting each other and their horses.

It happened Sunday night at the McDonald’s on Camp Creek Road in Fulton County. The FOX 5 viewer behind the cell phone video is glad to know animal services is now investigating.

“Sunday night, three men ride upon horses, they're at the drive-thru window, it seems odd, but not alarming at first,” said the FOX 5 viewer who did not wish to give his name.

The viewer was recording when all of a sudden things take a sudden turn when the men started hitting the horses.

"They started going back and forth and this is going on for literally a minute and a half. They stop to get their food they started hitting horses again, just rode off into the sunset like it was cool abusing these horses," the viewer said.

The faces of the men on the horses have been blurred in this article since as of the initial publishing, they do not face any criminal charges and there has yet to be a determination of animal cruelty.

In portions of the video, the men can be seen hitting at one another with the horses caught in the crossfire. Other portions show the horses being hit and at one point, one of them rears up on its back legs.

"It makes no sense. What are you hitting the horses for? If it's a debate you are having with another individual. If you want to hit each other, hit each other. But those horses had no reason to get hit," the viewer said. "It was a lot going on in a short period time, but it shouldn't have happened to those horses. They didn't do anything."

Animal control officers are hoping someone knows the men who may frequently ride in the area so they can speak with them.