Casting Call: June 29, 2016

You'll see the info we listed in this week's Good Day Casting Call a little further down this page.

Please follow this outline to submit yourself (or, your vehicle) for jobs as an "extra."

Send the following information ONLY to the Casting Directors via the email address provided.

  1. Three Current Pictures (Waist Up - Full Body - Side View)
  2. Stats (Height, Weight, etc.)
  3. Contact info
  4. Number of days you're available to work.

If you're chosen, someone will call you.

The one thing I can tell you is this – when it comes to doing extra work - you're either just what the casting directors are looking for, or not.

Which means, everybody has a chance at being an extra, no matter what you look like. The key is to continue to submit yourself for the various jobs. That's all.

Remember, be patient. It may take a day, or weeks before somebody calls you.

Just keep resubmitting yourself.
If you're right for a part - believe me - they'll call you.

If you have a question for Greg Clarkson, email him at
Find streets closed for filming at: Atlanta Film Office "Twitter Page" @AtlFilmEnt

Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)

* Men & Women w/an Upscale Formal Look     25 – 55yrs

* Women – Please submit pictures wearing “Long Gown” or “Upscale Cocktail Dress”

* Men – Please submit pictures wearing “Tuxedo” or “Expensive Style Suit”

* Must have flexible schedule between  Sunday July 10th – Tuesday July 26th

* Luxury Cars (2012 – Present) – Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Tesla’s, Mercedes, etc.

* Put “ESTATE PARTY, or LUXURY CAR” in subject line.

Bina Warren Casting

“Are You The One”  (MTV/ Season 5)

* Single Men/Women / Competing for a Huge Cash Prize (All Ethnicities)  21 – 25yrs

* Include (in your email) a short blurb regarding why you’re right for the show.

* Put “Single Male, or Female” in subject line.

Get Scene Studios (Local Acting Studio)  

* Register for the June Special Offer – One FREE on-camera class

* Send Email: w/Name, Age, Contact Info to:

* Put “Casting Call” in subject line.

Christopher Gray Casting

“Fast 8”  (Film)

   (Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel)

* Men/Women w/Military and Police Experience    (All Ethnicities)   21yrs & Older

* Put “Military type, or Police type” in subject line.

Marion Designs 

 “Book Cover Models” (Photo Shoot Opportunity)

* Curvy / In Shape Latino/Hispanic Women      18 – 35yrs

* Submit: 2 Photos (Head & Full Body) w/Stats and Contact Info to:

Hylton Casting

“Lauren Lake Paternity Court” (TV/Season 4)

* Apply now to be a PAID studio audience member. 

* For more information and details on how to submit, please go to:

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Brockmire” (TV)     

* Caucasian Men to portray “Baseball Coaches” in the Macon, Ga. Area.  

* All Ethnicities   18yrs & Older

* Must Be Available ALL These Shoot Days: July 7th 8th  11th & 12th

* Put “Macon Coach” in Subject line

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Brockmire” (TV)     

* Men/Women – All Shapes & Sizes to portray “Baseball Fans” in the Macon, Ga. Area.  

* All Ethnicities   18yrs & Older

* Shoots: Friday – July 8th

* Put “Fan Friday 7/8/16” in Subject line

Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)

* Bikini Women – Female w/a Fit Athletic Body comfortable in a Bikini   21 – 32yrs

* Please submit your 3 pictures (full body, waist up, side view) wearing a Bikini

* Put “BIKINI” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)

* Men/Women w/Upscale Business Attire – to portray “FBI Agents”   30 – 50yrs

* Young Caucasian Boy w/Blond Hair (Please submit current pictures)   9–11yrs

* Put “FBI, or Young MacGyver” in subject line.

Casting TaylorMade

“Jacob’s Ladder”  (Film)

* Men – Experienced “Pilots”  (All Ethnicities)   21yrs & Older

* Put “Pilots” in subject line.