Carrollton Police make massive Oxycodone bust

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It’s a highly addictive opioid-based pain killer and Carrollton Police said they seized what appears to be a record amount of Oxycodone.

Police in that community want to get the word out that it matters where one leaves their medicines.

It was a drug bust involving primarily a large number of oxycodone pills, a highly addictive opioid-based painkiller. Lt. Brad Easterwood told FOX 5 News netted nearly 900 pills along with nearly 100 alprazolam, a depressant and 81 Vyvanse pills, used for treating attention deficit disorder.

Carrollton Police theorize the prescription pills were likely stolen or sold locally.

“Entering autos, burglaries, pharmacies that are broken into and then you have people that just sell their prescription drugs. This is where it ends up when you leave your drugs in your car,” said Lt. Easterwood.

He said two bags of marijuana, two guns, a handful of ecstasy pills, and $8,400 cash were also confiscated from this home on Nizzear Lane.

Carrollton Police said six people were arrested and charged with various crimes connected to the drugs bust.

Latasha Harrison and Kareem Evans were both charged with trafficking Oxycodone, firearms violations and other charges.

Larry Copeland was the only person in the neighborhood to talk to FOX 5 News, others told said they didn’t want to get involved.

“My niece stays here and she keeps her kids inside minding her business,” said Copeland.

Carrollton Police told FOX 5 News someone tipped them off about drug activity at the home which led to the what appears to be the biggest oxy bust Carrollton has ever seen.

“It’s probably the biggest one we’ve had in a while, yeah, especially for oxy cotton; that’s a lot especially for one residence,” said Lt. Easterwood.

A woman who didn’t want her name used told FOX 5 News her mother, who passed away from cancer, would often not take Oxy because she didn’t want to be addicted.

“I don’t know how I would feel about it if someone took it from me I would be hurt,” she said.

The woman, who was picking up prescriptions at a pharmacy near the home where the drug bust occurred said it saddens her to think of someone stealing Oxycodone to feed other people habits.

“Be a productive member of your community don’t get hurt on drugs in any way, form or fashion,” she said.

Carrollton Police said the total amount of drugs and cash seized was just over $54,000.