4 injured after carjacked vehicle crashes in Atlanta while fleeing police

A crash Wednesday night involving a reportedly stolen SUV fleeing from Atlanta police has resulted in four injuries, one of which is in a critical state.

A pair of SUVs were left a mangled mess after the wreck in the Vine City neighborhood.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, the SUV had been carjacked at gunpoint earlier in the evening. Officers spotted that vehicle as it drove through Vine City.

When officers attempted to pull it over, the driver took off, eventually slamming into another vehicle near the corner of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard NW and Lena Street NW.

Four people were injured. One person was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition. Three others were talking to medics as they were taken to an area hospital.

FOX 5 crews spotted firefighters working to cut someone from one of the vehicles.

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Atlanta police investigate a crash after a suspected carjacked vehicle attempted to flee from officers during a traffic stop in the Vine City neighborhood on Feb. 21, 2024. (FOX 5)

At this point, officials have not said if the injured are innocent victims or connected to the allegedly stolen car.

Police have also not said whether any charges have been filed.

According to data from the Atlanta Police Department, 472 vehicles had been stolen in the city from the start of the year to Feb. 10 - up 28% from the same time period in 2023.