Burglary suspects caught in DeKalb County

A DeKalb County couple is still on edge after a startling ordeal that unfolded just after 4 Wednesday morning.

“It was very scary. He was walking around from the back of my house and had a gun. It makes me wonder what would have happened if he had gotten in when he kicked my door,” the homeowner said.

The woman said the trouble started at their home off River Road when armed men tried to break and then attempted to steal rims from their Chevy Camaro. She said she watched in fear as one armed man ran across the street and fired several shots.

DeKalb County Police said no one was injured in that gunfire, but said the officers who responded were able to track down the perps to a home a block away on Conley Downs Lane.

“There were a lot of people in the house so for our safety, we detained everyone until we figured out who's who. Those who we determined were not related to the crime were released. Those who were taken into custody,” said DeKalb County Police Lt. Brian DeLoach.

Lt. Deloach said the 3 men are charged with burglary, attempted burglary and possession of a stolen weapon. He said they are connected to the couple's ordeal and at least one other burglary nearby on Tuesday.

“I'm really glad they got these guys off the streets because we've had a lot of break-ins in this community. The Saturday before Thanksgiving someone kicked in the front door and stole two TVs. These guys just come in, steal your stuff and cause all of this damage that costs us money. I'm getting tired of it. They need to get a job and stop stealing from other people,” the frustrated homeowner said.

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