Burglars break door frames to bust into homes

Police warn homeowners to better secure and reinforce their doors after burglars went on a crime spree in Decatur neighborhood. Police said the burglars busted open front and back doors despite deadbolts.

Police said the criminals committed three burglaries April 17 between 3 and 6 p.m. Those happened on Superior Avenue, Westchester, and Maediris Drives.

The suspects swiped laptops and computers from living rooms and also stole important documents including identification and tax information.

Officers said the doorframes of the victims' homes did not hold up, despite the use of deadbolts; one victim showed FOX 5 News how the burglar ended up making the doorframe fall apart by force.

"The main way is kicking in doors or using a crowbar... [residents should put] steel on vulnerable areas," said Duncan Cottrell, who works locally for his business The Entry Enforcer. He advises residents to place steel bars on doorframes and reinforce deadbolts with door shields.

The cost of prevention is much less than repairing the damage done by burglars, which can easily cost more than a thousand dollars.

Police also advise residents to trim shrubs and bushes around doors and windows to help residents spot suspicious activity in the area.

No word if the culprits could be responsible for other crimes in the metro Atlanta area.