Burgers with Buck: Fred's Meat & Bread

Classic sandwiches, hand-cut fries, and old-school sodas...that about sums up the menu at Fred's Meat & Bread at Krog Street Market.  It sounds like the perfect place for the next #BurgersWithBuck segment, right?

Well this week, something completely different happened. 

Under pressure from certain member(s) of the staff, we tried something never before seen on #BWB.  Something this lifelong burger lover had never tried or experienced before.  Something this card carrying carnivore had never even considered.

We ate a...(wait for it, wait for it)...veggie burger.  No, this is not a misprint or a typo. 

The Veggie Burger at Fred's Meat and Bread is made with chickpeas, slaw, pickles, aioli, tomato, and avocado, and it is considered one of the best.  Given my lack of experience in this genre...I cannot confirm or deny these claims, but I can tell you that several of the ladies in the Fox 5 newsroom agree. 

Despite my unrefined veggie burger palate, I'll confess, I enjoyed it.  It didn't taste like a traditional burger, but it was good.  I ate every bite (big shocker there, huh?).  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I chased it with a Fred's Bacon Cheeseburger complete with Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, b&b pickles.  Guess what, I enjoyed that as well (yes I know, another big shocker).

Bottom line, if you're a burger purist, don't hate me for trying a veggie burger.  I'm just expanding my horizons.  Don't be scared to expand yours as well.  The truth is, I may or may not ever have another one in my life.  But there is no doubt that I will have another Bacon Cheeseburger at Fred's.  In fact, I'm craving one right now.

For more information on Fred's Meat & Bread and the Krog Street Market go to their website, http://www.fredsmeatandbread.com/.

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