Brian Kemp's official Secretary of State App Links to his Campaign Material

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The FOX 5 I-Team reports that the  official Secretary of State voter registration phone app has links to Secretary of State Brian Kemp's gubernatorial campaign pages.

One political science professor says it raises ethical questions and should be taken down.

Late in the day, the Kemp campaign team promised to do just that.

 FOX 5 and other media outlets including WXIA started looking at the official, taxpayer-funded Secretary of State web page. The page takes you to a new taxpayer-funded Secretary of State App.

We downloaded the app and found an easy way to search corporate records, register to vote, or even find where to vote. 

The app could help thousands of Georgians. Including one running for Governor - Brian Kemp. When you click on the Instagram link at the bottom of the page, it takes you to the Brian Kemp for Governor Instagram page.

“It's an advertisement for his campaign for Governor," says Georgia State University political science professor Dan Franklin.

We showed him what we found. He says he's seen a lot worse by candidates but he adds: “You don't want to use public resources for personal gain.”

The Twitter link takes you to the Brian Kemp for Governor Twitter page.  The account is full of campaign material including endorsements.

And finally, the Facebook link takes you to Brian Kemp Public Figure page. But, it too is chock full of campaign pictures and videos. 

“It's probably inappropriate and he should probably take it down,” said Franklin.

And he did. Late today we heard from the Kemp campaign staff. They wrote: "This practice is legal and common for elected officials who value accessibility and citizen engagement. However, the links will be removed so we can focus on important issues like Stacey Abrams failing to pay her taxes.

“The line that is crossed is when they start to use their office for political purposes, they shouldn't be doing that,” said Franklin.