Black Friday v Cyber Monday

Black Friday is usually considered the kick-off event for Christmas gift buying. But then the little sister event came along - Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday is a keyboard shopping event. But these days you can get holiday shopping done from home on Black Friday, too. So what's the difference?  There is .... let's show you.

Holiday shopping comes down to planning. And that's what's great about Black Friday; the deals are already being advertised. You can plan your shopping. Often times with Cyber Monday the deals drop that day. They're called lightning deals. That's hard to plan for. So why wait until the Monday after? Well, those online-only deals can be deeper, and on Cyber Monday they don't tend to run out of stock as quickly.

Now, with Cyber Monday - again it's online - so there is shipping. Here is where they can push up the price a bit. Get it back down by agreeing to pick-up in a store. That can remove shipping costs altogether. Also, Cyber Monday can last longer than, well, Monday. It can linger for a few days making it a days-long sale. And lastly, when you're shopping online you can compare costs from the retailer to retailer better than you can in the store with not-so-great wifi service.

But what do you think? I asked on my Facebook page your preference.

Patti writes, "Cyber Monday because Black Friday is too peopley 😂." My Heartwalk pal Joe prefers Cyber Monday, too, "...too old to put up with crowds." And Lisa simply says, "Both."

Either way. Make your list. Check it twice. And stay on budget.