Attack in Local Classroom Caught on Video

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A DeKalb County mother is upset and moving her son to a different school after a student punched him several times at Cedar Grove Middle School.

Sabrina Butler told FOX 5 News her 12-year-old son, Franklin, has a crushed nose after a student viciously attacked him while sitting in an in-school suspension classroom last month. Butler showed FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell cell phone video, which has since gone viral, of the ordeal.

"I got weak in my legs when I saw it. The mother of the boy who hit my son broke down crying. It hurts to see something like that because it's almost like animals fighting... One more punch and he could have been knocked unconscious," Butler said.

Butler added her son and the other child had to attend a hearing. But she doesn't know what resulted from it. FOX 5 met Butler as she began moving out of her neighborhood Tuesday. She told Mitchell her son has been bullied and attacked twice at the school this year so she's transferring him to another school.

She admitted her son was in in-school suspension because he threw paper at another student the previous week. Still, she can't get the images of her son being beaten out of her mind.

"Everything about this upsets me. The teacher took so long to respond. It was recorded. That made me feel like it was all set up," Butler added.

DeKalb County Schools Spokesperson Quinn Hudson told FOX 5 few details can be provided about the incident due to the age of the children involved. He also says the system can not release how they disciplined students involved. He released the following statement to FOX 5:

“A Due Process hearing on October 29 upheld the disciplinary decision.  In accordance with federal and state laws, these matters are handled confidentially.  The health and safety of all our students is our most important priority.”