Atlanta stepping up sinkhole monitoring efforts

When a street starts to sink 6 inches or more, the area could develop into the next sinkhole.

An engineer spotted vulnerable areas which have been reported to the Atlanta Water Department.

City managers had to take emergency action when a giant hole opened along Ponce De Leon Avenue, swallowing the frontend of a vehicle.

A ruptured water pipe eroded the pavement there, causing the cave in.

Josh Rowan, who used to lead the city of Atlanta Transportation Department, noticed a section of Joseph Lowery Boulevard developing a crease and settlement.

"There is a manhole nearby," Rowan said. "The best thing for the city to do is run cameras down into the sewer to see what is going on."

Rowan said the problem can slowly develop, but then pavement will quickly collapse under the weight of vehicle traffic.

In addition to Lowery Boulevard, there is another road depression on Marietta Boulevard, also in the northwest quadrant of the city.

A spokesperson for Atlanta Water told FOX 5, crews were dispatched Monday afternoon to check both areas.