Atlanta Police want your help to fight crime by linking security cameras

Atlanta Police say they now have nearly 20,000 cameras registered with their system to help fight crime. These cameras give investigators at-the-moment information and their goal is to get every camera system in the city registered.

"It’s another layer of engagement between the police and the city," said APD Lt Brendon Barth

Atlanta Police want residents to keep registering home and business security cameras with their system. 

"It’s a force multiplier for us, it expands the police departments visibility throughout the city," said Lt. Barth.

Barth says, so far, 18,000 cameras have been registered, 16,000 are a part of their integrated system.  The cameras have proved crucial in solving cases like a drive-by shooting which happened on Hall Street on June 11. 

"It's used every day by officers in their patrol cars. They are pulling up cameras while on scene and then investigators are looking after the crime to see who has registered cameras," said Lt. Barth.

Barth says it's easy and free to register through

"Officers in the street and in our real time crime center can pull up the camera footage even before the officer gets there and gets real time information that can be helpful," said Lt. Barth.

And different police agencies like Cobb and Gwinnett counties, as well as Georgia Tech are all working together and sharing useful videos. 

"Crime doesn't respect boundaries or borders, so we are all sharing amongst ourselves now and that's even better," Lt. Barth.