Atlanta Police Union, lawmakers want special prosecutor in Rayshard Brooks case

The Atlanta Police Union and several lawmakers, including Rep. Doug Collins, are urging Georgia’s Attorney General Christoper Carr to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the Rayshard Brooks death investigation.

Some lawmakers at a press conference Sunday said District Attorney Paul Howard's decision to charge the officers involved so soon was not a legal decision.

"It's time for justice," Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga) explained. "The call is clear. It's time for the DA to step aside and a new prosecutor put in. It's time for the investigation to continue."

Rep. Collins initially asked the AG to bring in a special prosecutor after DA Howard announced charges in the case before the GBI completed their investigation.

"DA's and prosecutors are supposed to apply the laws equally, fairly, and most importantly, objectively." Rep. Matt Gurtler, who represents the 8th District, said. "It's not supposed to be used as a weapon to win an election or appease violent people."

Former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe faces 11 counts and Officer Devin Brosnan, who is on leave from the force, faces three counts.

Garrett Rolfe  (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

The union disagrees with the charges and questions how quickly DA Howard was able to make a decision.

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"No due process for our officers and for an investigation, in our opinion, definitely not been done properly," Vince champion of the International Brotherhood of Police explained.

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When Howard announced the charges last Wednesday, he said "let's deal with Mr. Brooks today, we can deal with the elections tomorrow. Is that alright," when asked if his decision was tied to his current re-election efforts.

Charges for former Officer Rolfe, who police said fired the shot that killed 27-year-old Brooks, include felony murder and aggravated assault.

"We are being attacked," Union Sgt. Jason Segura said as he began to get emotional. "These guys are our brothers and we are being attacked by Paul Howard."

With protests continuing throughout the city, and across the country, regarding police brutality and reform, the Union also spoke about making changes.

Rayshard Brooks 

"With a lot of the things the protesters are saying, we already do that. So we need to find out what exactly those reforms are," Champion said.

According to state law, Attorney General Carr can appoint another prosecutor if a district attorney disqualifies himself or if it’s done by the court.

It's also important to note some of Sunday’s lawmakers are running for re-election.

Rep. Collins is running in a special election against Senator Kelly Loeffler for a senate seat.

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