Atlanta police connect man who stole TV from woman in wheelchair to other burglaries

Atlanta police say a man who stole a television from a woman in a wheelchair is likely the same man behind a series of burglaries in Zone 6 neighborhoods.

Police were called to Fisher Road for a report of a stolen television on October 25.

Officers tell FOX 5's Alex Whittler they didn’t know it at the time but say they soon discovered the man they arrested there, 26-year-old Santiago Hamzah was behind several other burglaries.

"It appears he would be responsible for the uptick in burglaries we had the last week of October," Atlanta police officer Anthony Grant says.

In all, there are seven reports of burglarized homes or businesses in less than 24 hours—from October 24 to October 25.

Police say they can confirm Hamzah is behind two of the burglaries, they’re investigating the other five that are similar in nature to his crimes.

First, food items were stolen from Subway on Moreland Avenue.

Hours later, police say Mr. Hamzah stole supplies from a convenience store on Boulevard.

The next day, a television was stolen from the laundromat on McDonough, electronics were stolen at a tattoo shop up the street, and also that day, police report items stolen at a Dollar General and grocery store.

Those reported burglaries all led up to that Oct. 25 home burglary, in which police found a tall man with tattoos carrying multiple bags of goods, not far from a woman with disabilities’ Fisher Road home.

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and was able to identify Hamzah as the man who stole her television.

"He victimizes a person who is disabled, who can't help themselves and that speaks to the character of the criminal," Officer Grant says.

Atlanta police say they’re still working to determine whether anyone else played a role in these burglaries. If you know anything else about them, you’re urged to give authorities a call.