Atlanta paying $2M settlement due to officer's actions

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Members of the Atlanta City Council have been told to approve a financial settlement of $2 million in the case of a motorist shot during a traffic stop.

The attorney for Will King said there was no reason deadly force had to be used. The 2013 incident took place on Jonesboro road. King and some passengers stopped at a convenience store. King's vehicle had a temporary tag. 

Officer Kylema Jackson got behind the vehicle with his blue lights and walked up to the driver's side. 

He demanded everyone raise their hands. They did. Yet, according to documents filed in federal court, Jackson fired into the window, striking King. Police managers did a review and fired Jackson.

The court documents reveal the case against the city was made even stronger by the officer's past personnel record. The attorney for the motorist details numerous past complaints made by citizens about officer Jackson.

Some of those complaints involved use of force and were sustained.