Atlanta landlord misses first deadline in slum housing case

An Atlanta Municipal Court judge has ordered a landlord, A&B Apartments LLC, to make significant improvements within 90 days to the Fairburn-Gordon apartment complex in Adamsville. 

During a Thursday hearing, a first 30-day progress report revealed some improvements, but not enough to leave residents who attended the hearing confident the deadline will be met. 

Cherry Gary returned to the complex after the hearing to check on her apartment. 

"They didn't want to fix anything," Gary recalled." I didn't have heat or AC." 

After living here for four years, she no longer lives in Fairburn-Gordan due to the poor conditions. For months, she has lived with her mother, while still paying $300 a month rent. 

"(It's) money wasted, money wasted." said Gary." I don't have money to be wasted."

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An Atlanta Municipal Court judge is ordering A&B Apartments LLC to make significant improvements at the Fairburn-Gordan in Atlanta.  (FOX 5)

The Partnership for Southern Equity has been working with residents to get repairs done or move out. Sterling Johnson, director of the Just Opportunity Portfolio for Partnership in Southern Equity was in the courtroom with residents on Thursday. He says it was clear to the court that more work, from plumbing to mold remediation, is needed in the apartment complex. 

"There are still ongoing needs," said Sterling Johnson "We are hoping the city is responsive to the needs of these residents." 

Gary is prayerful this issue is resolved soon. She says no one, no matter how much they pay, deserves or where they lives deserves. 

"It's not about where I live, it's about how I live," Gary said "Anywhere you move, you want maintenance to fix your stuff no matter if (rent) is based on your income, no matter if it's section 8, regular rent or no rent."