Nearly 100 animals rescued from 'horrendous conditions' on northwest Georgia property

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The Atlanta Humane Society say nearly 100 animals, mostly cats, were found in horrendous conditions in northwest Georgia on Aug. 10, 2023. (Atlanta Humane Society )

The Atlanta Humane Society has rescued at least 88 cat and three dogs from a northwest Georgia property after they were found in "horrendous conditions."

Officials took the nearly 100 animals into their care after finding them in multiple trailers on the property.

"Many of the cats were stacked in crates and standing in their own filth," the rescue organization wrote in part in a release on Friday. "They were flea-ridden, skinny, and a number of them had ringworm."

Some of the cats were also roaming freely around the property. Official set out traps to catch as many as possible overnight.

"We were able to work with the local officials yesterday through today to remove the animals from the site," the organization wrote. "The owner of the property has not yet surrendered the cats over, so they are being properly cared for at an undisclosed location at this time."

The Atlanta Humane Society’s Animal Protection Unit worked with local officials to map the site and document any abuse. Officials are hoping charges will be pressed against the property owner.

The name of the property owner and the exact location have not been released.