Atlanta daycare targeted twice by burglar

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The owner of an Atlanta daycare rushed to sweep up broken glass before children and their parents arrived at the beginning of the day.

Owner Anderson Globe said the fragments of glass were not the result of an accident but a burglar. He is frustrated because an intruder has come to his facility in southwest Atlanta twice since mid-March.

"He must not have a heart," said Globe, who has operated the Globe Learning Center for more than 20 years.

His interior security video captured the intruder, a man whose outstanding feature is the large eyeglasses he was wearing.

In one video, the man tugs and rips a door off of a cabinet. Globe believes because the closet was locked, the would-be thief likely figured there could be something of value, like electronics, inside.

But Globe said it is part of a protocol to keep the closet locked because there are cleaning items inside. The man snatched pampers and some spare clothing kept there for the children.

Globe said the unidentified man showed his strength removing the cabinet door. The owner suggested the thief is fit enough to go get a job.

Atlanta Police are reviewing the video and other burglaries around the myrtle drive address to see if they have similar cases.